Saturday, September 28, 2013

Popping my cherry :)

Well... inevitably I came around with a need to start a blog in order to put my ideas and thoughts down on paper (figuratively speaking lol).  I know I'm about 5 years late to the punch but honestly I've never felt like I've been up to speed on every single cultural and media related hot button issue until it was too late lol.  Ie.  I'm never the first person to discover a new song or never do I come across fresh tv series that soon become popular.  Actually when I was young I felt like the odd child out because I was fat and incredibly different so my main goal was to befriend the cool kids... I know I know it sounds cliche lol the chunky little boy trying to fit in with the popular crowd but its true...sadly.  However, I was actually the chunky little boy desperately seeking the approval of the cool kids while secretly hiding the fact that I'm gay. 
Shocker right?? (Haha I'm writing a blog so I'm either gay or I have a vagina :p) Either way, my point is that I've struggled my whole life trying to keep up an image to the world that I completely got behind on what's cool... kinda dumb in my opinion lol but that's the way the cookie crumbles! Ugh I'm sick with cliches! Lol

I know I've been rambling but I've almost finished a bottle of wine sitting at home alone with my puppy while my lovely boyfriend goes out to the club with his friend because I'm insanely exhausted from working 4 doubles in a row... (long story short I got a boot on my car due to my procrastination on not paying 700 dollars worth of tickets lol) 

I guess I don't really know how a blog works... I mean I know blogs were created for the sole purpose of putting your thoughts out there for the world to see (or not) but honestly all I'm doing is meshing all my thoughts together into a nonsensical string of crap lol... well I've popped my cherry lol I got the jitters out so hopefully my following blogs will get excessively more thoughful, insightful and fun :) thanks for pushing through this far, t ill next time :)